A Japanese globe trotter takes pictures of buses from RamaDBK in Africa.

City bus shipped by RamaDBK used in the streets of Dar Es Salaam Tanzania

Kei, a young Japanese man traveling regularly to distant countries, loves Japanese city buses since childhood. He knows more than anybody else about the different models of city buses, their body shapes, and the companies that were using them across Japan. Kei contacted RamaDBK a few weeks ago. He had seen a city bus shipped by RamaDBK running in the streets of Dar Es Salaam, the biggest city in Tanzania, and he wanted to know more about this exporter and the places city buses were shipped. RamaDBK invited Kei to visit the company to share about the market and the whereabouts of Japanese city buses shipped to many different countries, as Tanzania, Mozambique, Jamaica, Myanmar, Sri Lanka…

Kei met with RamaDBK president, Mr Jagath Ramanayake, who told him that RamaDBK was the company chosen to ship 200 city buses donated by Japan to Sri Lanka following the tsunami that devastated the island in year 2004. Kei had actually seen some of them in Sri Lanka a few years ago. Mr Ramanayake was proud to hear that city buses shipped to Africa many years ago by RamaDBK are still running very well on the streets transporting passengers.


RamaDBK has been exporting passenger cars, trucks and buses of all sizes for more than 30 years, all over the world. Whenever you need a new or used car, truck or bus from Japan, you just have to contact RamaDBK sales team to get the right vehicle.

Public date: February 19th, 2019
Categories: RAMADBK NEWS

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