RamaDBK delivers a beautiful Nissan Civilian to a customer in Tanzania.

Nissan Civilian bus shipped to Tanzania by RamaDBK

Khamis is the manager of a vehicle dealership in Dar Es Salaam, the main economic city in Tanzania. He is a returning customer who had already purchased vehicles from RamaDBK in the past. As one of his customers requested him a Nissan Civilian bus for his transport business, Khamis contacted immediately RamaDBK to get good offers of micro buses. RamaDBK is well known specialist of buses and specialty trucks that is shipping buses of all sizes regularly not only to Africa, but also to the Caribbean, to South Asia and Oceania. RamaDBK sales coordinator Abdul Basith sent offers for several Nissan Civilian buses in good condition corresponding perfectly to the needs of Khamis. One of the Civilian buses was particularly clean and beautiful, Khamis decided to purchase it. He sent a payment by wire transfer at his bank and within a few weeks the bus arrived in Dar Es Salaam port, looking as good as on the pictures sent by Abdul. The customer was very satisfied with the bus. Khamis sent a message to Abdul to thank him for his outstanding service with some pictures of the bus arrived in Dar Es Salaam:

“The bus is already released from the port. It’s very nice, in excellent condition. The customer is very happy. Thank you.”

The new Civilian bus of Khamis delivered by RamaDBK

RamaDBK has 30 years of experience in exporting all kinds of vehicles, from passenger cars to buses, trucks and machineries for professionals. Whatever vehicle you would need from Japan, the first thing you have to do is contacting RamaDBK. Our sales team is dedicated to providing the best solutions and the best service to customers all over the world for a fair price.

Public date: January 25th, 2019
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