New Toyota Supra on sale in Japan in spring 2019.

New Toyota Supra 5th generation, arrival in Spring 2019

On January 14th 2019, Toyota showed for the first time its new Toyota Supra at the Detroit Motor Show in America. This new model is the 5th generation of the Toyota Supra, the small sport car manufactured from year 1978 until year 2002. As this car still has many fans all over the world, Toyota decided to revive the Supra after 17 years since the end of production of the last version. Toyota Gazoo Racing, the sports department of Toyota group, was responsible for the conception of the vehicle, which will be a part of the Toyota GR sports car series. The new GR Supra was designed following the tradition of the former versions of the Toyota Supra. The main model has 2 seats and a 6 cylinders direct injection engine with twin scroll turbos that delivers much power while maintaining the control of the vehicle on the road. The new GR supra is scheduled to be available for sale on the Japanese market during spring 2019. It will exist in 3 different grades, RZ with 3000cc 6 cylinder engine, and two lighter versions, the SZ-R and SZ grades, with only a smaller 4 cylinder 2000cc engine.

New Toyota Supra seen from the side

RamaDBK shipped many Toyota Supra to sports cars lovers in the past and we are sure that the new model will be as successful as the older ones. RamaDBK will be ready to offer the new GR Supra to customers all over the world as soon as it is available on the Japanese local market.

Public date: January 18th, 2019
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