Customer in Maldives receives 2 trucks from RamaDBK.

Both trucks imported by Ismail from RamaDBKIsmail is manager in a consortium of companies operating in diverse industries, as medical equipment, logistics and international trade in Maldives, a beautiful archipelago in the Indian Ocean. Recently, he started looking for reliable trucks to expand his local logistics business. After consultation with his drivers, he realized that Japanese trucks would be the best option. Ismail checked vehicles from exporters in Japan and he finally chose the trucks offered by RamaDBK. His sales coordinator, Madusha, listened carefully Ismail to make sure that the trucks she was offering were the best match for his needs. She offered several Mitsubishi Canter flat bed trucks in very good condition and gave all the details and pictures necessary for Ismail to take a decision. Ismail sent a payment and the vehicles were delivered within a few weeks in Male port, in Maldives.

The  truck of Ismail in unloaded from the container in the Male port.

To thank Madusha for her outstanding service, Ismail sent her a nice thanks message and some pictures of the trucks when they were unloaded from the container in Male port:

“Madusha, we thank you for your support. You did a good job, we are very happy for your work”.

RamaDBK is shipping many vehicles for professionals working in different industries all over the world. Whatever truck, bus or passenger car you need, RamaDBK will offer you high quality vehicles and the most convenient shipping method to deliver your vehicle in the best conditions. Please contact our sales team, RamaDBK will provide you with the vehicles you really need.

Public date: January 15th, 2019
Categories: RAMADBK NEWS

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