RamaDBK CEO participates to the inauguration of a training program for 3 wheeler drivers in Colombo.


Mr Jagath Ramanayake, President of RamaDBK ltd, is one of the directors of the NAITA (National Apprentice and Industrial Training Authority) in Sri Lanka, an institution offering professional and technical training corresponding to the needs of private companies and of the health care sector. Since 1989, the NAITA is also delivering training and apprenticeship in automobile repair and technology with the support of Japan.


Mr Ramanayake participated to the inauguration of a new training program targeting three-wheeler taxi drivers. In Sri Lanka, as in many South and South East Asian countries, three wheelers are very popular. There are more than 100,000 three wheeler taxi drivers working in Sri Lanka, but many of them have not received much education. The NAITA has devised the new training program to help taxi drivers to develop new skills to increase their earnings while they are waiting for customers. For instance, some taxi drivers will receive a training in carpet knitting, telemarketing or computer programming.


Beyond the car export business, Mr Ramanayake is involved in many activities promoting relations between Japan and Sri Lanka or in the development of the local Sri Lankan business community in Japan. He is also dedicated to helping Sri Lanka to grow as a fast developing nation in South Asia.


Public date: December 21st, 2018
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