Customer from Kenya receives a beautiful Mazda CX-7 from RamaDBK:

Peter is working at the University of Eldoret, in the West of Kenya, currently the fastest growing city in the country. As he wanted to offer a new car to his wife, Peter began searching for a high quality and reliable vehicle on the local market. Yet, as he could not find the ideal car for his family, Peter decided to import one directly from Japan. Peter heard of RamaDBK ltd, a well-known company in East Africa, exporting thousands of high quality vehicles every year. He sent and enquiry trough the website and soon, Madusha, a sales coordinator at RamaDBK, contacted him and asked precise questions to understand his exact needs. Peter wanted a Mazda CX-7 SUV, comfortable and equipped with all necessary safety equipment. Madusha sent him several offers for some CX-7 in very good condition. Peter selected a beautiful purple color CX-7 with sporty alloy wheels. After receiving a proforma invoice from Madusha, Peter sent a payment for the vehicle by telegraphic transfer at his bank. The shipment process was very quick and within one month time, the car was already arrived in Mombasa port.

Peter and his wife were very satisfied with the quality of the car, beautiful just as on the pictures. To thank Madusha for her outstanding service, Peter sent her pictures of his family with the new car and a nice message:

“We are very happy with the car. It is very good and clean. My wife simply says “I love the car!” We thank you Madusha, you really did a good job. We are very happy for your support and we say you again thank you very much!”

RamaDBK is exporting many passenger cars, trucks and buses to East Africa. Customers appreciate especially the quality of RamaDBK’s vehicles as well as the service provided by our professional team of sales coordinators, vehicle purchasers and shipping agents. If you need a vehicle from Japan, RamaDBK is the right place to find it.


The wife and the baby of Peter with their new CX7 from RamaDBK

Public date: December 14th, 2018
Categories: RAMADBK NEWS

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