RamaDBK CEO participates to the JUMVEA end of year event.


The JUMVEA (Japanese Used Motor Vehicle Exporters Association) is the only official association of Japanese exporters of second hand vehicles in Japan. The JUMVEA is working to keep the quality standards of the Japanese used car export trade and to maintain the trust in Japanese exporters. For that reason, only serious companies, like RamaDBK co ltd, can become members of the JUMVEA. RamaDBK CEO, Mr Jagath Ramanayake, had been one of the directors of the association for several years in the past.


As every year in December, the JUMVEA organized an event to congratulate members for their efforts and to encourage them to keep on offering the best service to customers abroad the next year. This time, the JUMVEA had invited the Ambassador of Uganda, Mrs Betty Grace Akech-Okullo, who made a speech stressing the importance of the delivery of reliable vehicles of high quality to support the development of Ugandan economy. A commercial officer from Kenya made also a speech on behalf of the Kenyan Embassy, congratulating the JUMVEA for its efforts to protect Kenyan customers during the import process. RamaDBK president, Mr Ramanayake, discussed with the officials and with the executive committee of the JUMVEA about future improvements to support the export of second hand vehicles to East Africa.



Public date: December 7th, 2018
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