Toyota C-HR new designs available in Japan.

New CHR color brown roof December 2018

On December 3rd 2018, Toyota has introduced 2 new color design patterns for its best selling compact SUV Toyota C-HR.

The Toyota C-HR G Mode-Nero and G-T Mode-Nero grades looks sportier, with black nut 18 inches aluminium wheels and a black color exterior. Inside the cabin, The console box and the installment pannels are all in black color while Toyota has chosen a beautiful dark grey color for the leather seats.

The second new color design, The Toyota C-HR G Mode-Bruno and G-T Mode-Bruno offers a high class look, with a dark brown installment pannel and console box inside the passenger compartment. Chrome decoration on the exterior around the front door is giving an elegant and fashionable look.

With plain color, or else with different roof and body tones, the new design offers 11 possible combinations of colors.

New CHR color December 2018

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Public date: December 3rd, 2018
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