Customer from Tanzania very satisfied with his new Coaster bus from RamaDBK.

Yusuph with his new Coaster bus from RamaDBK

Yusuph is a tour operator in Arusha, a city in the North East of Tanzania situated near the most famous tourist destinations of the country, as the Serengeti National Park or the Kilimanjaro mountain. Tourists come from very far to go on a safari in the savanna to admire a great variety of wild animals living in their natural environment. To transport tourist safely and comfortable, Yusuph needs some strong and reliable buses. He prefers the Toyota Coaster bus, with 29 seats, an excellent Japanese micro bus model that is popular everywhere in the world. As he wanted to renew his fleet, Yusuph was searching for some good buses available on the local market in his area, but as he could not find vehicles in the right condition, he decided to import one directly from Japan. To be sure to get the best vehicle, Yusuph has contacted RamaDBK, a famous exporter of used and new vehicles that has shipped many small and bigger buses to Tanzania for more than twenty years. Soon after posting an enquiry, Amila Rodrigo, a sales coordinator from RamaDBK called Yusuph to check his real needs and to make him some offers. Yusuph chose one of the buses offered by Amila and after receiving the proforma invoice, he sent a payment for the vehicle. The bus was shipped rapidly to Dar Es Salaam port and arrived in Arusha within a few weeks. The bus was in very good condition, looking even better than on the pictures sent by Amila, and ready for work immediately. Yusuph was very happy with the quality of the vehicle, and also with the rapidity and the good care of Amila. He has sent RamaDBK a picture of himself with his new bus to thank Amila and to encourage him to keep delivering the best service to customers.

RamaDBK has a long experience of the needs of professionals in the tourism or the transport sectors, not only in Africa but in any right hand drive country in the Caribbean or in South and South East Asia. When you need a bus, a van or simply a passenger car from Japan, please just contact RamaDBK, you will get the right vehicle delivered rapidly to your port.

Public date: November 12th, 2018
Categories: RAMADBK NEWS

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