Sri Lankan customer satisfied with a Audi Q2 delivered by RamaDBK

Buddika is a vehicle dealer working in the area of Polonnaruwa, a medium size city situated in the center of Sri Lanka. He is getting orders from customers living in the same district and then he is sourcing the vehicles from abroad. Last month, a customer requested him to find a brand new Audi Q2 SUV in perfect condition. As the car has to be Right Hand Drive, with the steering wheel on the right side to be used in Sri Lanka, Buddika had to find the vehicle either in UK or in Japan. Surprisingly, it is not in Europe that Buddika could find the right car for his customer, but in Japan, with RamaDBK, a famous exporter of vehicles to Sri Lanka. Buddika has sent an enquiry to RamaDBK and soon a sales coordinator, Dilan Anuranga, has contacted him and offered him several Audi Q2 in perfect condition and for a competitive price. Since that time, the process was very quick: the customer chose one of the cars, he opened a Letter of Credit with his bank, the car was booked on the first vessel available and delivered soon after at Hambantota port. The customer was very satisfied with the vehicle and thanked Buddika warmly. As the quality of the car and the good customer service of Dilan outperformed his expectations, Buddika sent a thanks message with a picture of the vehicle:

“Thank you very much Dilan, you did a great job. I appreciate the genuine customer service you have given all along. My customer is very happy and he is fully satisfied with the vehicle. Thanks for everything.”

When you need a vehicle for Sri Lanka or for any other country, please just contact RamaDBK. Our team will offer you the best vehicles from Japan.


Customer very satisfied with his Audi Q2 from RamaDBK

Public date: October 26th, 2018
Categories: RAMADBK NEWS

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