Schoolbus from RamaDBK delivered to a school in Tanzania.


Frank is a businessman living in Bukoka, a city on the west bank of Lake Victoria, in Tanzania. He is importing products, including sometimes vehicles from Japan, on order for his customers in the district. Last month, a primary school has requested Frank to find a small bus to transport children from their home to school in the morning and bring them back in the afternoon when the lessons are finished. As he had heard of a reputed Japanese company that has delivered many vehicles around Lake Victoria, RamadBK ltd, Frank decided to send an enquiry. Very soon, Mrs Madusha, a sales coordinator at RamaDBK called him to verify the specifications of the bus he was asking for. Madusha could offer immediately a very good Hino Liesse school bus with a clean interior from RamaDBK stock. After a short negotiation, Frank decided to purchase the bus and requested to have it delivered as rapidly as possible to Tanzania. Just one month afterwards, the bus had arrived in Dar Es Salaam port, looking even better than on the photographs. Frank could drive the bus back to Bukoba and remit it to his customer. As he was very satisfied with the outstanding service of Madusha during the whole sale and shipment process, Frank has sent a few pictures of himself with the bus before the school.


RamaDBK is delivering high quality vehicles, ready for immediate use on the roads, including specialty trucks, bus or vans for transport companies. You just have to place an enquiry on RamaDBK website or to call one of RamaDBK’s numbers to receive offers with pictures and a quotation to the nearest port.

Public date: October 19th, 2018
Categories: RAMADBK NEWS

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