Brand New Toyota CHR from RamaDBK delivered to a customer in Sri Lanka.


Jerome is a marine chief officer from Sri Lanka, working hard on sea vessels several months in a row and coming back on the island for the rest of the year. For long, he was dreaming to own a stylish new SUV for him and for his wife. He was especially interested in the Toyota CHR, the compact SUV with manufactured by Toyota famous for its dynamic and sporty design, a very popular model of crossover in Sri Lanka. After looking for a while on the local market, Jerome has decided to import a CHR with the exact specifications he wanted directly from Japan. To do that, he has contacted RamaDBK, one of the very first exporters of new and used vehicles to Sri Lanka, renowned for the quality of its vehicles. He has sent an enquiry by Email on RamaDBK website and very soon a sales coordinator from RamaDBK, Mohamed Zahran, has contacted him and asked him questions to understand his needs precisely. Within the same day, Mohamed has sent several offers of very good new Toyota CHR with all the required features. Jerome has chosen the car he preferred within the list and he has opened a LC at his bank to import the vehicle. A few weeks, the new CHR was arrived in the port, shiny and beautiful. Jerome and his wife were very happy with their new car. Jerome has taken pictures of his wife with their new car and he has sent it to Mohamed to thank him for his outstanding service.


RamaDBK is giving utmost importance to customer satisfaction, delivering vehicles in the best condition and making efforts to keep customers satisfied with an outstanding service. Whenever you need a vehicle for Sri Lanka or for any other right hand drive country, please contact us at RamaDBK. We are working for you.

Public date: September 28th, 2018
Categories: RAMADBK NEWS

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