Vehicle dealer remits a new car from RamaDBK to his customer in Sri Lanka.

Amila from Sri Lanka remits a new car from RamaDBK to his customer

Amila is managing a vehicle dealership in Kaluthara, a small town renowned for the production of mangosteens, situated 40 kilometers south of Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka. He has been a customer of RamaDBK for years and he has purchased several passenger cars from RamaDBK recently. Amila is importing vehicles when he is getting orders from his customers, usually living in the same district. This time, a customer has requested him a Nissan Dayz, a small van model very popular in Sri Lanka. Amila has contacted his sales coordinator at RamaDBK, Abdul Basith, who has checked for him the  cheapest units equipped with the best options available on the Japanese local market. Amila has selected one Nissan Dayz offered by Abdul, and he has gone to the bank to open a Letter of Credit (LC), as requested by the administration to import the car in Sri Lanka. Shipment to Sri Lanka is taking very little time, the Nissan Days was delivered within a few weeks time to Hambantota port.

When Amila cleared the car in the port, he was very happy with the condition of the vehicle, absolutely perfect. A few days afterwards, he remitted the Nissan Dayz to its customer  who was also very satisfied. To thank Abdul for his outstanding service, Amila sent him a picture of the remittance of the Nissan Dayz to his customer. There is no doubt that Amila will contact Abdul soon to ask him for some other high quality vehicles from Japan.

RamaDBK is one of the main exporters of vehicles to Sri Lanka, renowned for the quality of its cars and for the efforts of its team to bring the highest satisfaction to customers. Whatever passenger car, van, bus, truck or machinery, you need, you just have to contact RamaDBK sales team to get the best offers possible from Japan.

Public date: September 20th, 2018
Categories: RAMADBK NEWS

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