Customer from Sri Lanka receives his new Honda Vezel from RamaDBK.

Mr Kannangara and his wife happy with their new Honda Vezel from RamaDBK

Mr. Kannangara is working as an executive at a governmental agency in Sri Lanka. He needed a new vehicle to replace his older one, but he wanted to take the time to get a car he and his wife would really like. After searching for a while on the local market, he was told by a friend that he could also get a new car corresponding exactly to his needs directly from Japan. He decided to contact  one of the main exporters of vehicle from Japan, with a very good reputation in Sri Lanka, RamaDBK ltd, founded by a Sri Lankan national, Mr. Jagath Ramanayake, more than thirty years ago. Mr Kannangara was a little worried as it was his first purchase from abroad but his sales coordinator at RamaDBK, Mohomad Zahran, has guided him during all the import process. After choosing the car, a beautiful red color Honda Vezel, the process was very quick. Mr Kannangara opened a Letter of Credit with his bank to import the vehicle and within a few weeks time the car was already arrived in Sri Lanka. The Wife of Mr. Kannangara was very excited and very happy when the car was delivered. The condition of the car is perfect and it looked even better than the pictures sent by Mohomad by email  before. To thank Mohomad and encourage him in his work Mr. Kannangara and his wife have sent a pictures of themselves with their new Honda Vezel. RamaDBK team is happy to have satisfied one more customer even beyond his expectations.

RamaDBK team is commited to delivering high quality vehicles and outstanding service to customers all over the world. You just have to contact RamaDBK sales team and to explain your needs, our coordinators will find out the right solution for you and offer you the best vehicles available from Japan.

Public date: September 14th, 2018
Categories: RAMADBK NEWS

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