Customer from Zambia sends a picture of his new bus from RamaDBK

Heartson is the owner of a transport company in Copper Belt, a province of Zambia rich in natural resources including copper. He is a regular customer of RamaDBK and he has been purchasing many micro buses over several years. Heartson knows by experience that RamaDBK is a serious company and he is fully confident in his sales coordinator, Mark, who has always given the best advice and helped whenever it was necessary. This time, Heartson wanted to purchase another Mitsubishi Rosa bus, the most popular small bus model in Zambia, to increase his fleet. He has called RamaDBK and his sales coordinator, Mark, sent immediately several offers for second hand Mitsubishi Rosa buses in very good condition.

From the time Heartson has chosen his bus, the delivery was very quick. Within less than one month and a half, the bus has arrived in the port of Dar Es Salaam. As expected, the bus is in very good condition, immediately ready for use on the Zambian roads. As he is very satisfied with his new bus, Heartson has sent a picture of himself with his new bus to Mark, to thank him for his outstanding service.

RamaDBK is regularly exporting second hand buses and specialty trucks to customers in Africa, but also in the Caribbean or in South and South-East Asia. RamaDBK sales coordinators are checking vehicles so that they can bring the best satisfaction to customers. When you need a passenger car, a truck of a bus, please contact RamaDBK.

Mr Mabeta with his new Rosa bus from RamaDBK

Public date: September 5th, 2018
Categories: RAMADBK NEWS

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