Customer from Barbados receives a tourism bus from RamaDBK

Mr Henderson is managing a tour company in Barbados, a top destination in the Caribbean for tourists from Europe and from North America. As he needs to expand his fleet, Mr Henderson has begun searching for buses of his favorite brands in very good condition with a clean cabin. He prefers Japanese Mitsubishi Fuso buses because they are very comfortable and they have usually been very well maintained by their former owners. Of course, Barbados being a small country, Mr Henderson had to find a bus directly from Japan. He has called RamaDBK, a major exporter of new and second hand vehicles, that is famous for selling many trucks and buses for professionals. Pradeep, a sales coordinator in RamaDBK, has listened carefully to the needs of Mr Henderson and he has sent him a choice of medium size buses in very good condition. Mr Henderson has chosen a 42 seater bus with a very clean body and a comfortable cabin. The shipment from Japan to Barbados has taken one month, Mr Henderson has just received his bus in the port. He is very happy with the quality of the bus and he is starting using it immediately in his company. To thank Pradeep for his outstanding service, Mr Henderson has sent a picture with his new bus from RamaDBK and sent a message: “so far, it is a dream”.

RamaDBK is shipping regularly some buses or some specialty trucks to professionals who need a cheap and reliable vehicle for their company. When you need a passenger car, a van, a bus or a truck from Japan, please contact RamaDBK, our sales coordinators are ready to help you.


Mr Henderson with his new bus from RamaDBK

Public date: August 10th, 2018
Categories: RAMADBK NEWS

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