Famous yoga professor shows RamaDBK staff how to increase heath and performance at work.

DSCN1506Mr. Vyasah Kalyanasunderam, the founder of Astanka Yoga Mandir school in Sri Lanka, a pioneer of Yoga Therapy who is very active in the world of Yoga in South East Asia, has come to Japan, invited by Mr. Ramanayake, CEO of RamaDBK. As he has been teaching Yoga to Mrs. Samantha Ramanayake for several years, Mrs. Ramanayake wanted to take the opportunity of his stay in Japan to teach a few useful techniques to RamaDBK staff. Mr. Kalyanasunderam has come to RamaDBK headquarter office in Yokohama one afternoon to teach some breathing and relaxation techniques that are useful for office workers. Yoga Therapy aims to increase the health of people by reducing the effects of stress and stiffness of the body. With a better management of the body’s energy, it is possible to reduce the impact of fatigue and to increase the overall performance of workers.


DSCN1500All office staff has gathered in the room of the sales department, sitting on chairs, and Mr. Kalyanasunderam has given some instructions to show people how stiff their back was because of a lack of proper exercise and because of long hours sitting still before a computer. Then, Mr. Kalyanasunderam has showed some simple breathing and relaxation exercises that are suitable for office workers. Within one hour, he has given a lot of valuable advice to RamaDBK sales and back office workers. RamaDBK staff is very grateful to Mrs. Ramanayake and to Mr. Kalyanasunderam for this yoga lesson.


Public date: July 12th, 2018
Categories: RAMADBK NEWS

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