Customer from Tanzania is very satisfied with his first bus from RamaDBK.

The new Rosa bus arrived in Tanzania for Mr Emausy

Mr. Emausy is a computer engineer in Tanzania, a rapidly developing country on the coast of East Africa. For several years, he had been fascinated by the large number of Japanese vehicles arriving in the port of Dar Es Salaam every month. For that reason, Emausy has decided to try importing vehicles himself for customers living in his city. A few months ago, a customer has asked Emausy to source a small bus for his transport company. It was a new challenge for Emausy as he had never purchased a vehicle of that size before. After searching several days on Internet, Emausy has found the contact details of the most popular exporter of professional vehicles from Japan, RamaDBK. He has sent an enquiry and soon, a sales coordinator from RamaDBK, Mr Amila Rodrigo, has called him and sent him several offers of buses with picture showing all the details of the vehicles. Receiving all relevant information and quick replies to his questions from Amila, Emausy was feeling more and more confident and secure in purchasing a bus. Since the one he had chosen a bus, the process has been very quick and within just a little more than one month, the Mitsubishi Rosa bus was delivered in Dar Es Salaam port. The condition of the bus was excellent, the vehicle could begin working immediately on the Tanzanian roads. To thank Amila for his outstanding service, Emausy has sent some pictures of the bus and of himself remitting the bus to his customer. RamaDBK team is happy to have given one more time the best satisfaction to its customer.

Mr Emausy with his customer before the Ros bus from RamaDBKRamaDBK is a specialist in the export of new and second hand professional vehicles from Japan. When you need a bus for transportation, a truck for construction, sewage cleaning or transporting frozen food for instance, you just have to contact RamaDBK. Our trained specialists will offer you the best specialty vehicles available from Japan.

Public date: June 29th, 2018
Categories: RAMADBK NEWS

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