Toyota to organize an event on June 26th to present new Crown and Corolla models.

Toyota Connected Day logo, year 2018

Toyota has announced on its website that it will officially present 3 new models during the

“Connected Day” event, subtitled “connected cars will make the future”, on June 26th. The 3 cars will be a completely new model of Toyota Crown and Toyota Corolla, and also the new Toyota Auris Hybrid. A prototype of the Toyota Auris hybrid had already been shown during the Geneva Motor show last March.

Toyota Auris Hybrid to be shown during the Connected Day

On this occasion, Toyota will show its new technologies for connected cars. The concept of connected vehicles is not new but, owing to the remarkable progress of technology, those vehicles can be interconnected to the infrastructures to increase the safety and the mobility on the road. Those new models represent new step stones towards the intelligent and autonomous vehicles of the future.

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Public date: June 9th, 2018
Categories: AUTOMOTIVE

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