Customer from Tanzania sends a picture with his new Toyota Axio from RamaDBK.

Mr Kamonja with his new Toyota Axio from RamaDBK

Mr Kamonja is district manager in the administration of the region of Kagera in West Tanzania, near Lake Victoria. He likes traveling on the country side, and he also needed a new car to transport his family. After checking vehicles on the local market, Mr Kamonja has understood that the best for him would be to import a new vehicle directly from Japan. He has checked offers on Internet and he has placed an inquiry with RamaDBK, a major exporter of second hand and new vehicles from Japan.

Very soon, he was contacted by a RamaDBK sales coordinator, Mrs Imalka. She has asked questions to understand the real needs of Mr Kamonja and she has sent him several offers and quotations for Toyota Axio models in very good condition. Mr Kamonja has ordered one of the cars offered and within a few weeks time, the Toyota Axio was delivered in Dar Es Salaam port.

The Toyota Axio from RamaDBK in perfect conditon parked along the road

To thank Imalka for her professionalism and for her outstanding service, he has sent her a few pictures of himself with his new car. Imalka was very happy to receive the pictures showing how much her customer was satisfied with her service.

RamaDBK can deliver any model of vehicle available on the Japanese market, in very good condition and for a cheaper price. Don’t hesitate to contact RamaDBK team whenever you need a vehicle or a machinery from Japan.

Public date: May 25th, 2018
Categories: RAMADBK NEWS

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