New Subaru Forester Hybrid unveiled at the Pekin Motor Show in China.

New Subaru Forester Hybrid disclosed at China Auto 2018

The Pekin Motor Show, also called Auto China 2018, has opened its doors on April 25th and will last until May 4th. As China has become the first market in the world in number of vehicles sold, the Pekin Motor Show is one of the most expected events in the automotive industry every year. China is actively engaged in an ambitious plan of development of clean electric and hybrid vehicle technologies, car manufacturers are competing against one another, unveiling electric concept cars, like for instance Honda, and prototypes like Nissan during the exposition.

Yet, one of the most interesting new hybrid vehicles unveiled at Auto China 2018 is the new Subaru Forester Hybrid that will be on sale in China and perhaps also in Japan soon. The shape of the hybrid model is the one of the fifth generation Subaru Forester disclosed in the New York Motor Show just a few months ago. The hybrid system chosen by Subaru is called “motor assist”, which hints at a mild hybrid rather than a full hybrid system. The car would also include Subaru’s new intelligent assist driving system to improve the safety of the vehicle and the comfort of the driver. The exact date the Subaru Forester Hybrid would hit the market is not known yet but it can be expected rather soon, as the Fifth Generation Subaru Forester is scheduled to be sold in America from fall 2018 and in Japan from the beginning of year 2019.

New Subaru Forester Hybrid at the Pekin Motor Show 2018

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Public date: April 26th, 2018
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