Customer from Sri Lanka very satisfied with his new Toyota Premio from RamaDBK.

Customer from Sri Lanka receives his new Premio from RamaDBK

Dr. K. Dumindu, a doctor in Sri Lanka, wanted to purchase a new car for his family. In order to get the best vehicle for his family, he has contacted a famous exporter of vehicles from Japan to Sri Lanka, RamaDBK. After receiving an inquiry by email, RamaDBK sales coordinator Saham has contacted Dr. K. Dumindu to ask him about his exact needs and about his budget. Then Saham has begun searching the vehicle, a brand new Toyota Premio, on the Japanese domestic market. Dr. K. Dumindu was very lucky as he was importing his car from RamaDBK.

First, while new Toyota Premio were very expensive on the Japanese domestic market recently due to a huge supply-demand gap, Saham managed to purchase one from auctions for a much cheaper price than the current market price. He has been lucky a second time, as he could  profit from more favorable import taxes when the Toyota Premio has arrived in the port in Sri Lanka.

RamaDBK Sinhalese and Tamil speaking sales coordinators have been trained to provide the best vehicles and outstanding service to Sri Lankan customers. Whatever vehicle, passenger car, truck or bus, you need from Japan, please contact RamaDBK sales team to get the best offers on the market.

Public date: April 6th, 2018
Categories: RAMADBK NEWS

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