Customer from Bangladesh receives his new Toyota Harrier from RamaDBK.

Mr Hossain and his customer with his new Toyota Harrier from RamaDBK

Mr Hossain is the owner of a large vehicle dealership in Bangladesh, a rapidly developing country in South Asia. As he is regularly importing Japanese vehicles on order for customers, he needed a reliable partner in Japan. He has found a very good one, RamaDBK, a major exporter of new and used vehicles from Japan. He has already purchased several cars and medium size trucks from RamaDBK over the last few years. This time, Mr Hossain has requested his sales coordinator in RamaDBK, Tishan, to ship a Toyota Harrier in perfect condition for his customer.

Tishan has sent several offers of Toyota Harrier available and after a short negotiation, Mr Hossain has chosen a beautiful red color Harrier with low mileage. In accordance with the import regulations in his country, Mr Hossain has opened a LC (Letter of Credit) to import the vehicle.
After a few weeks time, the car arrived in the port of Chittagong. Mr Hossain cleared the vehicle and  delivered it to his customer. The customer was very satisfied with the quality of the vehicle and the short delay between the order and the delivery. In order to thank Tishan for his outstanding service, Mr Hossain has sent a picture of himself with his customer and the Toyota Harrier from RamaDBK.

RamaDBK team is dedicated to delivering the best service to customers all over the world. When you need a Japanese vehicle for yourself or for a customer, please contact RamaDBK.

Public date: March 12th, 2018
Categories: RAMADBK NEWS

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