Customer from Uganda very satisfied with his new bus Rosa bus from RamaDBK.

Customer from Uganda very satisfied of his new Rosa bus from RamaDBK

Reuben is managing a transport company in Kampala, the capital of Uganda. He owns already a fleet of several Mitsubishi Rosa buses and he wanted to acquire more units of the same model of buses. As he could not find the right vehicles on the local market in Uganda, Reuben has decided to search Mitsubishi Rosa buses directly in the country where they are manufactured, Japan. After a few days of research on Internet, Reuben realized that one company was specialized in exporting trucks and buses for professionals, RamaDBK. He got in contact with Lionel, a sales coordinator in RamaDBK, and after receiving several offers with pictures and technical details on the vehicles, he has chosen to purchase a bus available in the stock of the exporter. As he has just received his second Mitsubishi Rosa bus from RamaDBK, Reuben has nicely sent a picture and thanks message to Lionel: “Bus received. Condition is good. Thanks Lionel. I will give you more business this year, especially in trucks.”

RamaDBK is delivering high quality Japanese specialty vehicles, trucks and buses, for professionals all over the world. Whatever bus, truck or vehicle you would need, don’t hesitate to ask RamaDBK. Our sales coordinators will offer you the right solutions.

Public date: February 2nd, 2018
Categories: RAMADBK NEWS

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