Customer from Mauritius visits RamaDBK office with his family.


As he was spending a week of vacations in Japan, a professional from the car industry in Mauritius has come with his family to RamaDBK head office in Yokohama. He was welcomed by RamaDBK specialist of Mauritius market, Mr Nuwan, who is exporting hundreds of vehicles each year to the most established car dealers on the island. After a meeting with RamaDBK CEO, Mr Jagath Ramanayake, Nuwan has introduced them the car auctions system used for purchasing any kind of vehicle all over Japan. In the afternoon, Nuwan has brought them to USS Yokohama auctions, not far from RamaDBK office. The professional was very impressed by the auction system and he was very interested in the business model of the used vehicle export sector in Japan.

RamaDBK is a major exporter of used and new cars in all Right Hand Drive countries, delivering the best vehicles for a fair price. Whatever vehicle you need, please contact RamaDBK sales coordinators, they will offer you the right solution corresponding to your real needs.

Public date: December 22nd, 2017
Categories: RAMADBK NEWS

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