Customer from Kenya is very happy with her new Toyota RAV4 from RamaDBK.


Linah is a doctor, living in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, in East Africa. She was looking for a new SUV but she could not find a vehicle with the right quality on her local market. Then, a friend of hers has recommended her to source a car directly from Japan. After checking vehicles on several websites, Linah was especially interested in the offers from RamaDBK, a famous vehicle exporter from Japan. She has sent an enquiry and very soon she was contacted by a Sales Coordinator from RamaDBK, Andrew Shan. Andrew has listened  carefully and asked many questions in order to make Linah the most relevant offers of vehicle. After discussing about the budget, Linah has chosen a year 2010 Toyota RAV4, a very popular model in Kenya, strong enough for all types of roads and with a high resale value on the local market. Andrew has purchased a very good Toyota RAV4 from the Japanese professional vehicle auctions and he has arranged the shipment on the first vessel available for Mombasa port. Within a few weeks time, the car was arrived in Kenya. Linah was so happy with the quality of the SUV that she has sent a picture and a thanks message to Andrew:

“Thanks Andrew, you are great. Everything is perfect, as you had explained to me the car is in good condition.

I will need some other units like this one. I am waiting fo some money, then I will get back to you.”

RamaDBK team is committed to delivering the best service to customers all over the world, delivering as well passenger cars to individuals, and professional vehicles and machineries to small and medium size companies. Whatever car, truck, bus or machinery you may need, please don’t hesitate  to contact RamaDBK sales team in order to get the best offers from Japan.

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Public date: December 7th, 2017
Categories: RAMADBK NEWS

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