Customer from Bangladesh comes to RamaDBK to order machineries.


Mr Shafiq is originally from Bangladesh, in South Asia, but he has been leaving for many years on Australia, where he had come for his studies. Now, Mr Shafiq has settled his own company of import and resale of machineries to his homeland, Bangladesh. Owing to his technical knowledge and to his acute understanding of the local market in Bangladesh, he is searching some excavators, wheel loaders, or else other machineries to be used for the metal recycling industry in his country. Mr Shafiq had been searching for some time to acquire some machineries from Japan, one of the main manufacturers of high technology heavy equipment in the world, but he could not find a company with the right communication skills to make profitable business. One day, he has found the website of RamaDBK, an exporter of trucks, buses and vehicles from Japan and he realized that the company was also exporting some machineries. He has contacted RamaDBK and has begun exchanging emails with Prabash, one of the specialists of heavy equipment in RamaDBK. As the quality of the machines and the prices were corresponding to his needs, Shafiq has decided to come to Japan to check the machineries and to begin business with RamaDBK. He has come to RamaDBK office and he has met with RamaDBK CEO Mr Jagath Ramanayake. Afterwards, Prabash has brought Mr Shafiq to auction sites and vehicles yards to check some machineries. Convinced that he had found a reliable partner, Mr Shafiq has purchased  several excavators before going back to Australia. Since then, several containers of machineries have been prepared and have been shipped to Bangladesh.

RamaDBK is not only an exporter of vehicles, but also of machineries and used professional vehicles. If you need specialty trucks  or machineries from Japan, please contact RamaDBK, our specialist will offer you the best products available on the market, Made in Japan.

Public date: December 1st, 2017
Categories: RAMADBK NEWS

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