Customer from Zambia receives his new Hummer from RamaDBK.


Luwi is a business man in Zambia, a quickly developing country in East Africa rich in natural resources. He loves stylish and powerful cars and for a long time he had been dreaming of acquiring a large American SUV. Luwi had been looking for such vehicles for some time when a friend of his recommended him to contact a specialist of high quality and reasonable priced second hand car exporter from Japan, RamaDBK.

Luwi has sent an enquiry and he was soon contacted by a sales coordinator, Saham, from RamaDBK. Communication was very good from the beginning and after discussions to determine the right vehicle, Saham has sent several offers for great looking Hummers H2 in very good condition. Luwi has chosen a black color Hummer H2 equipped with many options.


Luwi was very excited when he received his Hummer in Dar Es Salaam port. That was the exact vehicle he was dreaming of. As he was very satisfied with the friendly and professional attitude of Saham, he has sent a picture of himself with is new car.

RamaDBK team is dedicated to delivering the best service to customers all over the world.  When you need a vehicle, you just have to contact RamaDBK to get the best offers from Japan. Our trained sales coordinators will help you to get the vehicle that you really need.

Public date: November 27th, 2017
Categories: RAMADBK NEWS

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