Customer from Bermuda receives his new Toyota Hiace van from RamaDBK.

Customer from Bermuda receives his new van from RamaDBK

Roger, a citizen of Bermuda, a sunny archipelago in the Caribbean, needed a big van to transport his family, as he has many children, and also for his transport business. As he was desperately searching for a good and cheap vehicle on the local market, one of his friends, Dereck, recommended him RamaDBK, a major vehicle exporter from Japan. Dereck gave the contact details of the sales coordinator from RamaDBK who had shipped for him some very good vehicles in the recent months, Mr Amila Rodrigo. Roger contacted Amila and soon he has received several offers of Japanese Toyota Hiace commuter vans in very good condition, corresponding perfectly to his needs. He has requested the proforma invoice for the van and he has made the payment through his bank in Bermuda. Several weeks, afterwards, Roger was receiving his new Toyota Hiace Commuter van in the port. The vehicle was looking even better as on the pictures. As Roger was very satisfied with the outstanding service of Amila Rodrigo, he has sent him a picture of him with his new van from RamaDBK.

RamaDBK is exporting many vans and buses to professional transport and tourism companies all over the world. If you need a van or a bus, whatever the size or the year of manufacture, please ask RamaDBK, we will have some good solutions to offer you.

Public date: November 17th, 2017
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