Interview of RamaDBK CEO published in U-Car News magazine.

Car sales professional magazine U-Car News

RamaDBK CEO, Mr Jagath Ramanayake, has been interviewed by U-Car News, a monthly magazine targeting professionals in the used car business and vehicle dealers in Japan. U-Car News is publishing information about new models coming on sale, trends of the market, news from auction sites and some articles about professional vehicle sellers. Mr Ramanayake was interviewed as the president of the SLAEAJ (Sri Lanka Automobile Exporter Association in  Japan) about the purpose and the efficiency of lobbying in the vehicle export business. RamaDBK CEO explained that small and medium size companies have to gather in associations in order to get in contact with authorities and provide them with information and advice from professionals. Settled in year 2012, the SLAEAJ has successfully discussed with the Sri Lankan government when some sudden tax increases had been implemented without prior any notice, as some local customers were very anxious about the vehicles they had purchased. Else, as it is regularly organizing training seminars for its members, the SLAEAJ has recently invited a top executive from the Sri Lankan customs to explain the rules and difficulties to clear vehicles in Colombo and Hambantota port. This way, the members of the SLAEAJ can also provide Sri Lankan authorities with first hand information from professional exporters to support the development of mutually profitable trade relations between Japan and Sri Lanka.

Interview of RamaDBK CEO in U-Car News Magazine

RamaDBK is a major exporter of vehicles to Sri Lanka. Our team of trained Sinhala and Tamil speaking professional sales coordinators is committed to delivering the best service to customers and to offer high quality vehicles for the best prices available on the Japanese market. Whatever vehicle you need, please contact RamaDBK.

Public date: November 13th, 2017
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