Customer has purchased a whole fleet of vans from RamaDBK.


Sammy is the owner and the manager of a transport company in Solomon Islands, a sunny archipelago in the Pacific Ocean, surrounded by a beautiful blue sea as we usually only see on postcards. Sammy needed some good quality and reliable small buses in order to transport both Solomon Islands inhabitants and tourists. A friend of his had told about a very reliable exporter of vehicles in Japan that had shipped many vehicles in the country, RamaDBK. Sammy sent an enquiry on RamaDBK website and he was soon contacted by a sales coordinator, Mr Logithan, who has established a very professional contact from the beginning. Logithan has selected some models of Toyota Hiace vans in good condition that were perfectly fit for the transport  in Solomon Islands. Within a few months time, Sammy has got a large number of high quality Toyota Hiace vans from RamaDBK. When the vans have arrived, he had them customized to the colors of his company. To thank Logithan for his outstanding service, Sammy has sent him some pictures and a nice message:

“I really appreciate your service Mr. Logithan and you have sent me the quality vehicles which I was needing.  I am very satisfied with you and with your company RamaDBK. I hope to do more business with you as I am still searching for a few more Hiace buses”.

RamaDBK is committed to helping professionals all over the world to get the best Japanese vehicles for their business. Whatever vehicle you need from Japan, please contact RamaDBK, our sales team will bring you the best solutions from the Japanese market.

Toyota Hiace

Public date: November 2nd, 2017
Categories: RAMADBK NEWS

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