Toyota will present the new SUV `TJ Cruiser` at the Tokyo Motor Show 2017.

Toyota TJ Cruiser

Toyota announced that it will present a new concept model SUV during the Tokyo Motor Show, on October 25th 2017. The new model is called the “TJ Cruiser”: T would stand for “toolbox” and J for “Joy”. This cross over SUV is described by Toyota as a fusion of a SUV and a van, to be used for work as well as for leisure. The vehicle has a very spacious cabin like a Toyota Hiace. When folding the seats on one side, even a long surf board would enter inside the cabin. The TJ Cruiser is based on Toyota’s new TNGA platform, with a 2 liter hybrid engine.

No selling date has been disclosed yet, but RamaDBK would be ready to offer the new vehicle as soon as it would be available on the Japanese market.

Public date: October 6th, 2017
Categories: AUTOMOTIVE

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