Taxi company owner sends a picture of his new van from RamaDBK.


Derek is the owner of a first class taxi transport company specialized in airport pickups, weddings and island tours in Bermuda, a beautiful island in the Caribbean with a strong tourism industry. As his company is growing, Derek needed some new high quality vehicles to increase his fleet. He likes particularly Toyota vans because they are very reliable vehicles.  Derek had been searching a Toyota Regius van for some time already when he has found the details of the exact vehicle he wanted on the website of RamaDBK, a major exporter of used and new vehicles from Japan. He has sent an enquiry by email and he was soon contacted by Mr Amila Rodrigo, an experienced sales coordinator from RamaDBK. After a few conversations to understand the real needs of the customer, Amila has sent several offers for some higher grade Toyota Regius vans in the best condition. Derek has chosen one of the vans and he has placed an order. One month later, when the vehicle has arrived in the port, Derek was very satisfied with the condition of the van. To thank Amila for the quality of his service, Derek has sent a message with some pictures of his new van from RamaDBK.


“Hey Amila I just wanted to send you some pictures of my vehicle which I have now set up as a taxi. This is the van that I brought from you and your company. I am so pleased with this van. It’s everything and more which I had asked for. It has more features that I knew even existed for the Toyota Regius. I appreciate doing business with you and I have recommended others to your company to do the same. Take care.
Mr. Derek”

RamaDBK is exporting vehicles to professionals who need reliable products with the right equipment for their work. RamaDBK is providing vans and buses of all sizes to professionals in the tourism sector, and any kind of specialty trucks. Whatever your needs, please contact RamaDBK sales coordinators to get the best solutions available from Japan.

Public date: October 2nd, 2017
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