New Nissan Leaf available in Japan from October 2017.

New Nissan Leaf year 2017 model

Nissan motor has announced that the new Nissan Leaf will be on sale from October 2nd 2017 onwards in Japan. The Nissan Leaf is the most common model of Electric Vehicle (EV) sold in the world, with more than 80,000 units put on the roads since year 2010 and 97% of market share for EV in Japan alone. With the second generation of Nissan Leaf, Nissan wants to confirm its status as first EV manufacturer in the world, as many competitors have entered that market.

Nissan has learnt from the critics about the first generation of the Nissan leaf and has improved the distance the car can cover, the speed for charging the battery, and is reducing the sales price of the vehicle. For the first time after 7 years the design of the Nissan Leaf has been changed, with more sporty lines. Nissan is also advertising a maximum driving distance of 400km for one charge in optimal conditions, but it appears that the actual range would rather be around 280km in real driving conditions with a full battery charge, which is still much better than the older model. Moreover, a higher performance version of the second generation Nissan Leaf is scheduled for year 2018. Else, infrastructure for EV has also been greatly improved since 2010, with 28,260 charging stations all over Japan, including 7,108 stations with speed charging systems.

New Nissan leaf in yellow and black color

Nissan expects to sell 100,000 units each year, and more than 3,000 units a month on the Japanese market for the first few months of sale. For the time being, 4,000 units have been pre-ordered by enthusiasts in Japan. The Nissan Leaf is manufactured in Oppama plant near Yokohama in Japan, but also in Smyrna, Tennessee, in US, and in Sunderland in the North of UK.

RamaDBK has shipped many Nissan Leaf of the first generation to countries where governments were supporting electric vehicles. RamaDBK will be ready to ship the improved second generation Nissan Leaf as soon as it will be available on the Japanese market. Don’t hesitate to contact your sales coordinator to place an order.

Public date: September 29th, 2017
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