Toyota creates the new GR brand for sports vehicles.

Toyota GR new sports brand vehicles

On September 19th, Toyota has officially presented the new GR brand, for sports type vehicles. Toyota has been manufacturing some sports vehicles like the Toyota Supra or the 86 for a long time and had even developed a sports brand called G’s (for G Sports) since year 2010. Yet, Toyota management decided to give a new start to their sports vehicles in an effort to make Toyota one more time exciting for customers and car lovers.

Toyota CEO presented 7 sports versions of some popular Toyota models and declared that 4 others would be coming by the middle of 2018, making a total of 11 cars by then under the GR brand name. GR brand, standing for “GAZOO Racing”, will be divided in 3 different lines : The “GRMN” vehicles will offer improved engines, the “GR” line will be for the middle range vehicles, and “GR Sports” will be for vans. Toyota is expecting to sell 50,000 units of GR sports version vehicles within 5 years.

The GR models sold in Toyota dealerships from the end of September will be, under others, the Vitz GR, the Vitz hybrid GR, the Prius PHV GR, the Harrier GR, followed in spring 2018 by the 86GR and the Aqua GR.

Toyota CEO, himself practicing car racing in Japan under the name “Morizo”, stressed that he wanted to make driving more fun and enjoyable. With the new GR line, Toyota is also trying to make its brand stronger against foreign competition as German manufacturers.

RamaDBK will be ready to offer customers all over the world the new GR models as soon as they will be available on the Japanese market.

Public date: September 22nd, 2017
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