RamaDBK creates video tutorials to train staff.


As a major exporter of new and second hand vehicles from Japan, RamaDBK gives utmost importance to customer satisfaction. Exporting vehicles requires a large variety of technical skills and knowledge, that must be acquired to fulfill customers’ needs. For that reason, RamaDBK CEO, Mr Ramanayake takes care that all members of the team, new comers as well as senior executives, follow a regular training program. At the end of June, a film production company has spent one day to shoot several movies for training staff. The instruction videos cover the several important technical aspects of vehicle purchase and export: Managing payment through Letter of credit, shipping, export documentation, purchasing vehicles in auctions and road transportation to the port, ordering spare parts.


When you need a vehicle from Japan, please contact our sales team. RamaDBK sales executives are committed to delivering the best service, they will provide you with the vehicles and with the solutions you need.

Public date: August 10th, 2017
Categories: RAMADBK NEWS

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