New Dealer from Tanzania is happy with his new Audi A4 from RamaDBK.


Mr. Sam is a new dealer who contacted RamaDBK, The main port and the economic center of Tanzania, in East Africa. He was looking Audi A4 wagon for one of his customers. After a few days or research, he has found a very good looking unit on a Japanese advertising website: the seller was RamaDBK ltd.

Mr. Sam has requested more information about buses from RamaDBK and he was contacted by RamaDBK sales coordinator, Mr. Amila, who has convinced him that the Isuzu & Mitsubishi buses was in really good condition and that it was fairly priced. Mr. Sam has then decided to purchase the buses. The buses were shipped soon and it has just arrived in Dar es Salaam port. Mr. Sam was so happy with the condition of the vehicles.


Since Mr. Sam is a new dealer, RamaDBK has been guided and explained about vehicle auction systems in Japan and provided,  guided about vehicle business and helping him from his future business plans. As major exporter of new and second hand vehicles from Japan. RamaDBK is exporting not only passenger cars but also many vehicles for professional use, as buses or specialty trucks.

RamaDBK team is committed to delivering the best service and high quality vehicles to customers all over the world. When you need a vehicle (passenger car, truck or bus), please contact RamaDBK.

Public date: August 7th, 2017
Categories: RAMADBK NEWS

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