Customer from Mozambique happy with his new Toyota Coaster bus from RamaDBK.

Nito's new Toyota Coaster bus from RamaDBK

Nito is the owner and the general manager of a medium size transport company in Mozambique, in South Eastern Africa. He has already purchased several small and medium sizes buses from RamaDBK over the past few years. Mozambique is a large country with more than 2000 kilometers between Maputo, the capital in the South, and Pemba port in the North, near the border with Tanzania, and people generally travel on long distance by bus. This year, Nito needed a new bus to expand his business and to open some new destinations for his customers. As he has already a long relationship with RamaDBK, he has called the sales executive in charge of his account, Mr Amila Rodrigo. After discussion to get a clear understanding of the needs of Nito, Amila has searched and send offers for several Toyota Coaster buses in good condition with rather low mileage at the odometer. Nito was immediately interested in a Toyota Coaster bus in good condition, with very clean seats. He has sent a payment, and the bus was shipped to Maputo rapidly. After one month, the bus has arrived in the port of Maputo. The Toyota Coaster corresponded exactly to the pictures shown by Amila before the shipment, and was immediately ready for use. As Nito was very happy with the bus and with the service of Amila, he has sent a picture of the bus on the road in Mozambique with a thanks message.

“I have received my car, thank you very much for your patience.

I am looking forward to doing another business with you soon.”

RamaDBK is a major exporter of vehicles for professionals. If you need a bus, a truck or machineries for your business, we can offer you the best models available on the Japanese market. Don’t hesitate to send us enquiries, a sales executive from RamaDBK will contact you soon with some relevant offers to support your business.

Public date: July 22nd, 2017
Categories: RAMADBK NEWS

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