Customer from New Zealand very satisfied with his truck concrete pump truck from RamaDBK.

Bob with his new concrete pump truck from RamaDBK

Bob is the owner and the manager of a construction company in the suburbs of Auckland, the largest city in New Zealand. To further develop his business, Bob needed a concrete pump truck, in very good condition and new enough to comply with the very strict regulations about emissions in New Zealand. In order to get the right truck, he had to get the help of a real specialist in second hand trucks for business use. After several weeks of search on the local market and abroad, Bob has found offers of concrete pump trucks on the website of RamaDBK, a major exporter of new and used vehicles from Japan. Bob has sent an enquiry and he has got rapidly some offers of trucks from one sales executive from RamaDBK, Mr Amila Rodrigo. RamaDBK sales coordinator has taken note of the needs of Bob in order to find the truck and the concrete pump that would correspond best to his needs. Bob has finally decided to purchase one of the trucks offered by Amila. A few weeks after, when the truck has arrived in Auckland, Bob was surprised by the quality of the truck, perfect for his business. He has so happy that he has sent a message to thank Amila with a picture of himself before his new truck:

“Hello Amila,
Today I had my first look at the pump and I am so happy. It is such a very tidy unit and everything you said it was you have looked after me so well with the Quality of what you have supplied and I would recommend your company to any buyers that I talk too. At last I have finally got it home and will do its first job on Monday. Thanks for everything it is so tidy and I am really proud of what you have supplied for me.
Kind regards Bob”

RamaDBK is a major exporter of specialty vehicles from Japan. Whatever vehicle you would need for your business, please contact us. RamaDBK team is dedicated to providing the best vehicles and the best service to customers all over the world.

Public date: July 14th, 2017
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