Toyota CH-R is the best selling SUV in Japan in year 2017.

White color Toyota CH-R from RamaDBK

Toyota Motors has reported that the company has sold 79,303 new Toyota CH-R compact SUVs from the beginning of year 2017. The Toyota CH-R is the number one SUV sold in Japan for this period. And in April 2017, the CH-R is even the vehicle that has been the most sold in Japan for all categories of passenger cars. The CH-R has impressed car enthusiasts all over the world, with its aggressive and original design. Toyota has taken a risk for its first compact SUV, but as the phrase has it, fortune favors the audacious.

Since the CH-R is available on the market, at the beginning of January 2017, RamaDBK has exported more than 50 brand new CH-R hybrid cars to Southeast and to South Asia. If you need a new SUV, don’t hesitate to contact RamaDBK, our team is ready to make you the best offers for the Toyota CH-R and for all other models available on the Japanese market.

Public date: July 7th, 2017
Categories: AUTOMOTIVE

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