RamaDBK holds an exhibition stall at the Sri Lanka festival in Tokyo.

RamaDBK Stall at the Sri Lanka Festival 2017 2

The Sri Lanka Festival 2017 has taken place in Yoyogi park in the center of Tokyo on the 24th and the 25th of June. This event was organized by the Embassy or Sri Lanka in Japan for the 13th year in a row, and as always, RamaDBK was participating to the Festival.

While some shows of traditional Sri Lankan dance were performed on a stage, some stalls were selling Sri Lankan food, black tea and accessories.

This year, RamaDBK was holding her own stall with a large lounge decorated with flags and hoardings, and a space to exhibit a beautiful brand new orange color Toyota C-HR. Many Sri Lankan visitors were surprised and showed much interest in the vehicle. The dozen of RamaDBK staff members wearing company polo shirts were replying to questions about importing a vehicle in Sri Lanka and were distributing leaflets and catalogues. By the end of the day, several people have established contact with RamaDBK sales coordinators to import passenger cars and SUVs.


RamaDBK is a major exporter of new and used vehicles to Sri Lanka, with thousands of customers. If you need a vehicle for Sri Lanka, please contact us, our team of Sinhala and Tamil speaking sales coordinators are dedicated to delivering you the best service, with all the guarantees and advantages that a large company with a local subsidiary can provide.


Public date: June 27th, 2017
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