Customer from Bangladesh satisfied with his truck from RamaDBK.

Mr Monir with his new truck from RamaDBK

Mr Monir is working in the construction industry in Bangladesh. As he needs to move some large quantities of sand and earth, he was looking for some large dump trucks but he was not finding trucks in good enough condition on the local market. Mr Monir likes strong and reliable trucks, his preferred brand is Hino, a truck company belonging to Toyota group. While checking exporters specialized in trucks and professional vehicles, Mr Monir has found RamaDBK website. He has sent an enquiry for a dump truck and he has received very rapidly some quotations from a RamaDBK sales representative, Tishan. From the first contact, the sales person from RamaDBK has tried to understand the real needs of Mr Monir in order to deliver the exact truck he wanted. Tishan has purchased a Hino 10 tons dump truck on order for Mr Monir with a small deposit and he has arranged the shipment on the first vessel available to Chittagong, the main port in Bangladesh. When he has cleared the truck in the port, Mr Monir was very happy with the quality of the vehicle. To thank Tishan for his excellent service, he has sent him a picture and a nice message:

“This is a good truck. Service and international communication are also excellent. Business relationship and behavior totally awesome. So to say, I am satisfied for everything.

I want to continue doing business with you in the future.”

RamaDBK team is dedicated to deliver the best service to customers all over the world. Our priority is to deliver the vehicle you really need and to make the import process as easy as possible.

Whenever you need a vehicle from Japan, don’t hesitate to contact RamaDBK, we will provide you with the right solutions.

Public date: March 24th, 2017
Categories: RAMADBK NEWS

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