RamaDBK team visits RORO ship in Yokohama.

The Hamburg Highway RORO vessel

RamaDBK is exporting several thousands of vehicles all over the world every year, sometimes by container, but most often on the deck of some ships specialized in the transportation of vehicles, called RORO vessels. RORO stands for “roll-on, roll off”, it means that the vehicles are driven from the wharf to the deck of the vessel and that they are parked inside the boat until delivery in another port.

Last week, the shipping company K-Line invited several members or RamaDBK team to visit a RORO vessel in order to explain the organization of embarking and disembarking and to show the security measures taken to make sure that the vehicles would arrive at destination without any damage.

7 members of RamaDBK team, from the shipping department and from the sales department, have come to Yokohama port early in the morning. An executive from K-Line has welcomed RamaDBK staff near a huge RORO vessel, the M.S. Hamburg Highway. The Hamburg Highway is one of the biggest RORO vessels in the world, taller than most buildings in the city, transporting up to 7500 cars on 12 decks.

RamaDBK team visiting the  Hamburg Highway

An officer from the vessel has guided the staff from the lowest deck up to the bridge, the command room at the top of the vessel. Dock staff was embarking some trucks inside the vessel, each truck was parked with only half a meter space between each vehicle and the wheels were fixed to the floor with belts. RamaDBK staff have tried to fix some belts by themselves, checking how strong the vehicles are fixed on the floor so that it cannot move even in a stormy sea.

With a better understanding of RORO shipment, RamaDBK team will be able to provide ever better service to foreign customers who need the most secure shipment method for their vehicle.

Public date: March 17th, 2017
Categories: RAMADBK NEWS

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