Satisfied customer sends a picture to RamaDBK.

Customers from Trinidad satisfied with RamaDBK's service

John is the manager of a very successful security consulting company in Trinidad, a large island in the South of the Caribbean. He has been importing several vehicles from RamaDBK over the last year and he has always been very satisfied by the quality of the vehicles from RamaDBK and by the outstanding service of his sales representative, Amila Rodrigo. Last time, the sales representative has sent to John a RamaDBK mouse pad as a small gift, with the documents of his vehicle. John has sent us a picture of himself with his secretary and the small gift to thank Amila for his nice attention.

The first priority of RamaDBK is customer satisfaction : Our team is committed to delivering the best service and high quality vehicles to customers all over the world.

When you need a vehicle from Japan, please contact RamaDBK, we will find and ship the best vehicle for you.

Public date: March 11th, 2017
Categories: RAMADBK NEWS

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