New Honda Civic to be sold in Japan in year 2017.

New Honda Civic year 2017

The new model of Honda Civic year 2017 will finally be sold in Japan this year. The Honda Civic will be offered in several different versions, sedan, hatchback and a sports car called type R. This model will be the 10th generation of the Honda Civic, a very popular model that has been granted the title of “car of the year” in the USA in 2016.

Whereas the 9th generation of the Civic was not sold in Japan and had been designed for the European and the North American markets, the new model will be common for Western countries and for Japan.

Some core elements of the vehicle will be imported from North America, but the body of the Sedan version of the Civic will be manufactured in Saitama prefecture, a few dozen kilometers north of Tokyo, in the most modern plant of Honda group, opened in year 2013. It is in that plant that Honda is using the most advanced technologies to manufacture the Honda Fit, Honda Vezel and the Honda Grace models for instance. The hatchback and the Type R models will be manufactured in UK and imported from there in Japan.

While the ancient models of the Honda Civic had the image of a family car, the new versions will be positioned as more sporty vehicles.

RamaDBK will be ready to offer the first Honda Civic Sedan to customers all over the world as soon as it is available in Japan. The sports version, Honda Civic Type R, is already on the market, don’t hesitate to contact RamaDBK to ask for a quotation.

Public date: February 22nd, 2017
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