Customers from New Zealand send a picture and a nice message to their sales representative in Rama DBK.


Mike is a professor of mathematics in University and his wife, Nuu, is a member of the parliament in New Zealand. Mike had a pleasant experience with Lowell and Rama DBK, and had sent a nice message to recommend Lowell to customers all over the world who would like to import a high quality car in a perfectly secure way. Mike and Nuu, in their own words:

“Hi, we are Nuu and Mike, I want to write this reference for Lowell Ratnayake and Rama DBK Limited, [email protected].

We live in Mangonui, New Zealand.  We have been so pleased with Lowell and Rama DBK’s service that we are telling all our family and friends to contact him and his company before they buy their next car.  The problem with used cars in NZ and Australia is that many (most) have been driven to death and are overpriced.

When I first went online looking for cars in Japan, I was overwhelmed by the responses both by email and by phone.  I listened to a number of very persuasive salesmen:  “With promises to outbid their competition”!

Wanting quality over a cheap white used Prius taxi, I decided to go exclusively with Lowell who is a fluent English speaker.  I also assured him that I would not play him off against the other offers.  I then thanked the other salesmen and told them of my decision.

I gave Lowell my US$ budget range.  I told him that we wanted a Toyota Prius and we even asked for baby blue for my wife.  He personally looked and we exchanged emails and calls until he said, “Here’s the best car for your budget”.

We ordered it and are now happily driving it. You can’t do better than Lowell and Rama DBK.


Mike & Nuu

Mike was so happy with the service of Lowell that he has sent us a picture of himself accompanied by his wife Nuu, with their new car. Rama DBK team thanks Mike and Nuu very much for their nice message, it is a precious encouragement for all of us to deliver the best customer service.

Public date: October 24th, 2016
Categories: RAMADBK NEWS

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