Reginaldo from Mozambique

Reginaldo from Mozambique has purchased a bus from RamaDBK. He is very happy with the bus he has just got in Maputo port and intends to import more buses in the future:
Reginaldo is the boss of a highly reputed transportation company in Mozambique. In order to increase his fleet of buses, he has decided to import some new buses from Japan. After getting some recommendations from people in Mozambique who had already imported buses from RamaDBK, Reginaldo has made his mind for a Nissan Large bus. The sales and the delivery of the bus have gone smoothly and in just a little more than one month time Reginaldo has got his bus in Maputo port.
He is very satisfied with the quality of the bus and he is ready to purchase other buses from RamaDBK in the future.

Mozambique is a fast growing country and it has emerged as a major importer of Japanese vehicles. Freight to Maputo had been an obstacle for years as it was the most expensive in East Africa but it has come to a reasonable price since the beginning of year 2012. Since then, the imports of Japanese vehicles is booming in the country. RamaDBK is giving special care to its customers in Mozambique and doing his best for all customers even if they can communicate easily only in Portuguese language.

Public date: August 15th, 2012
Categories: RAMADBK NEWS

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