RamaDBK participates for a special seminar

RamaDBK sales team participates to a special seminar for JUMVEA members at ARAI Oyama auction site:
In used vehicle export business, it is very important to know the products well and to be able to check vehicles by oneself in auctions site in order to meet the customers’ needs and to offer the best quality to customers.

On Saturday July 31st, RamaDBK vehicle and spare parts sales representatives have met together at 7:00 am before the office in order to go to ARAI Oyama auction site, 200km away deep in the country side.

ARAI Oyama is one of the main auctions site all over Japan, it has particularly high reputation for large size vehicles as trucks, buses and machineries.

RamaDBK sales team took part to a seminar organized especially for JUMVEA (Japanese Used Motor Vehicle Exporters Association) about how to check the quality of vehicles on site. The seminar was divided in two parts, 2 hours of information and group discussion first, and then 4 hours of inspection of real vehicles on the auctions site.

The Sales representatives have been much impressed by the minute inspection that can be done on forklifts and machineries to check if all functions are working properly, giving them a renewed confidence about the high quality of Japanese used vehicles. Mr Kodama and Mr Yano from spare parts department have also got a lot of personal profit from the seminar as they also had the occasion to check used parts and used engines on site.

Sales representatives from RamaDBK are eager to use the new knowledge they have acquired to make always better offers to their customers all over the world.

Public date: August 2nd, 2012

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