East African Committee is meeting in Nairobi, Kenya

RamaDBK has been exporting many vehicles in East Africa for more than 20 years. Our sales representative are dedicated to offering the best vehicles available on the market to our customers according to their country import regulations. Each country has its own regulations that are changing every few years, our company is making efforts to keep herself updated.

Since year 2008, countries from East Africa are trying to find a way to harmonize the import regulations for used motor vehicles.

The East African Community (EAC) held a two days consultative meeting from Tuesday June 19th in Nairobi, Kenya, in order to find a consensus  about the harmonization of the age limit of imported vehicles in the region. It had already been proposed in year 2008 that all countries would allow used vehicles with an age limit of 10 years, except Kenya where the 8 year regulation would be kept, but the new laws have never been enacted since then.

A similar change of the maximum age for imported vehicles was supposed to be enforced last year in Zimbabwe, triggering massive orders of cheaper older vehicles, as most people were fearing not to be able to afford a new car anymore afterwards.

RamDBK has many cheaper trucks and buses in stock that are still in very good working condition while being older than 10 years old. Quality results from a careful selection and from attention to the maintenance of the vehicles.

Public date: June 30th, 2012
Categories: AUTOMOTIVE

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