Myanmar overage vehicle substitution program to be expanded

RamaDBK is exporting cars and buses to Myanmar, a new and fast emerging market for Japanese second-hand motor vehicles. Our company is doing its best to keep pace with the changes of import regulations in Myanmar in order to make the best offers to our customers.

Until May 7th, people owning a foreign currency account could get a permit to import a newer car in order to replace a very old vehicle. This Overage Vehicle Substitution Program has been implemented in two distinct phases: from September to December 2011, only cars manufactured between year 1995 and year 2002 could be imported, and from December onwards, only cars made from year 1996 to 2006 were allowed. The new regulation announced on May 7th was first supposed to replace and cancel the former rules, prohibiting imports of vehicles older than year 2007, but an official of the Directorate of Road Transport has just announced the continuation of the Overage Vehicle Substitution Program.

While 42,448 substitution import permits have already been emitted, there are still many very old vehicles in Myanmar that hardly meet the road safety standards in the country. There are still 100 to 200 applications for the substitution import permit everyday but it is just half the daily number of applications before May 7th. The announcements of the regulation loosening has triggered a new decline in the prices of vehicles on the market. According to the director of the Directorate of Road Transport, the substitution program might be enforced until all vehicles older than 20 years old would be replaced by more recent cleaner vehicles.

RamaDBK can offer any vehicle manufactured in Japan from year 1996 onwards, cars, trucks or buses. Customers from Myanmar are welcome, our dedicated sales representatives are ready to make the best offers from Stock, from professional vehicle auctions and from the local market in Japan.

Public date: June 19th, 2012
Categories: AUTOMOTIVE

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